NextFerm Technologies is pleased to announce that it had gained two important vegan accreditations: “Vegan Friendly” by the Vegan friendly organization in Israel and BeVeg in Germany.
ProteVin™ is a NON-GMO, fermentation-based protein extracted from baker’s yeast. It has started its commercial sales this summer and is already selling in the US, Europe and other territories.
Following the approval process, the logos would apply to both the raw material and ProteVin™–based applications such as protein powders for athletes, protein bars, vegan cheese and more.

“Attaining “vegan friendly” accreditation required a rigorous process of approval of all our raw materials and procedures, we are very proud of completing this process and happy to continue being a force of good for the vegan community and the planet as a whole” says Boaz Noy, NextFerm CEO.

NextFerm Technologies, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: NXFR) is an emerging food-tech company that is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, functional and vegan yeast-derived, non-GMO protein alternatives for various applications in the food and food supplement markets and the growing market for animal-derived protein alternatives.

To get more information, You can visit Vegan Friendly & vriendly websites
Also, you can see our certifications here: Vegan Friendly & vriendly.